100 Thieves Revamps Gamers For Equality Tournament

After some confusion about the previously announced warzone tournament, 100 Thieves ‘ Gamers for Equality will include a whole new lineup.

Recently, the organization eGames announced 100 Thieves Gamers for Equality, a war zone tournament, to raise funds for charity. In the face of the unrest in America caused by the illegal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, many companies have made progress in promising money for the cause. Shortly after the announcements, 100 Thieves shared that they could suspend the tournament indefinitely, citing rights issues with Activision because of the cause. Now, 100 Thieves, has announced that the tournament is back, but with League of Legends, value and Fortnite, because the games are played.

100 Thieves claimed that there would be problems using the Warzone tournament as Activision did not want to offer them the rights to use their Call of Duty action Royale sponsored charity stream at betssoncasino.com. regardless of semantics, players of equality are once again willing to spend money on wrstler racial inequality.

The new iteration of the 100 Thieves tournament now includes the league of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant. The competition starts on Dominion Day with the league of Legends. The event will continue on 8 and 15 July with Valorant and Fortnite. The tournament donates to an entire organization that seeks to support racial inequality. There are not many details about the competitors or the distribution of how the profits will be distributed, but we expect to find out this information in the near future.

100 Thieves is simply one of many companies that use its reach and influence to raise awareness of the causes on the fringes of the Black Lives Matter movement. We also saw Pokemon Company and Electronic Arts launch and plan to donate to the cause.

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