Can You Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a new gaming platform that combines the best of both at-home and portable consoles. This device is trendy and sold 89 million units last year. You’re likely already a gamer, and you won’t be able to stop playing on your gaming device. What if your gaming device goes missing? It is possible to track the device and retrieve it. Learn how to track a stolen Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch does not have an inbuilt tracker, so tracking it like other devices is impossible. You can call customer service to report the theft if you have the serial number. They may be able to track your device and help you recover it.

You want to spend as much money as possible on a product and get the best quality and security. If you are purchasing a secondhand device, this is even more important. Many sites sell illegally resold items, so avoiding buying secondhand is a good idea. It is useful to read this article if you are looking for your Nintendo Switch missing or want to avoid buying a stolen device in the future. 

Does a Nintendo Switch have a tracker?

The Nintendo Switch (on Amazon) doesn’t have a tracker built in. Customers may assume that a tracker will come with an expensive device, but Nintendo has yet to add one.

You must use another method if your Nintendo Switch is lost or stolen. The customer service team can assist you in finding your device by checking the serial number associated with your account. We have listed a few other options if the customer service option fails to work.

Although it might seem more difficult than finding your stolen Nintendo Switch, there are still methods you can use to do this. There are still ways to find your stolen Nintendo switch.

How can I track my Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch does not have a built-in tracker, so losing or having your device stolen is more likely. It is also much more challenging to get it back.

As we have already mentioned, the serial number on your device is a silver lining. Every Nintendo Switch, like almost all electronic devices, has unique serial numbers that can be linked to an account.

Every time your device connects to the internet, Nintendo stores a record. It also saves your IP address and location, which can easily be requested by customer service.

Contact Nintendo customer service if you lose your device. They will need the serial number and proof of ownership for your Switch to help you track it down.

Where can I find my stolen Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch does not come with a tracker. However, customer support can help you locate your stolen device. But where’s this serial number?

It is usually located at the bottom of your device, next to the USB C port. It can also be found in the console’s device info menu under System Settings. Could you keep it safe by copying it?

You can find the serial number on the device if you need help finding it or need access to it. The serial number should be on the box, along with information about the machine’s make and model.

There is another way to locate the serial number if you don’t own the box or need help remembering where it was placed. If this happens, contact the retailer that sold the device to get their support.

As a precaution, most retailers keep track of serial numbers and model numbers of any products they sell. Sometimes you can find the serial number on the purchase receipt.

Now that you have the serial number and the most critical information, it is time to contact Nintendo. Tell Nintendo customer service what happened. They may ask for additional information, such as where you bought the device or your account passwords. Once they have all the necessary information, they can look up the serial numbers in their database.

Any device connected to the internet on any planet can be identified by its IP address, and the last time it was used. This is all you need. Although you can easily follow the information, we recommend that you give it to the authorities, so they to track the person who stole your gaming experience safely.

What if I lose my Nintendo Switch?

You should inform Nintendo immediately if you are unable to locate your device. They can track your device and give you the information necessary to identify it. The serial number is key to tracking your stolen or lost Nintendo Switch.

To protect yourself, you need to take some precautions. Deleting any information connected to your devices, such as credit cards, debit cards, addresses, or other payment methods, is safer. A thief will do less damage to your device if you act quickly. You can also file a police complaint and give Nintendo the report number.

We have provided a list of what to do if your device is lost.

  1. Contact Nintendo customer service: Tell them your device has been lost. They will mark the device as lost in their system if you have the serial number. They can then help you locate it.
  2. You must remove payment details. They might attempt to charge them for additional purchases, which can cause a lot of harm. Go to the Nintendo website to remove your linked card. Log in to your account and delete your saved payment method. Customer support can be reached anytime to delete payment information from your account.
  3. Disconnect your Nintendo account from the Switch. The thief might try to use your Nintendo Account to download or buy games and DLC. Disrupting your Nintendo Account from your Nintendo Switch is a safer to avoid this. Log in to your Nintendo account on your computer and go to the “Users” menu to unlink it from your Switch.
  4. You can also deactivate your Nintendo Switch if your Switch is lost or stolen. Log in to your Nintendo account and follow these steps to deactivate your Switch.
  • Shop the menu or open the Store
  • Click on “Deregister Primary Console” to open the menu.
  • To proceed, enter your login information, including your password, and click OK.’
  • Confirm the deactivation
  • You can only deactivate the console from the website once per year. However, you can still deactivate your console as many times as you wish from the console.

5. Contact the authorities: After you’ve tracked your Nintendo Switch’s IP address and location, it is time to contact references. You can file a police report. They will investigate and offer more help to get your console back.

Even if you find the location, don’t try to take any action for your safety. It is legal and safer to give information to the police.

Can a Tracking App be Used to Locate a Stolen Nintendo Wii?

If you synchronize your account with the official Nintendo Switch app, ‘Nintendo Switch Online stores all your device information. It connects your Nintendo Switch to other Wii U or Nintendo 3DS consoles and synchronizes all data.

This app is used to track your playtime across all of your devices. This app will allow you to access all features across all platforms if you have it installed.

Nintendo Switch Online allows you to continue tracking your console even after it is stolen. The Nintendo app works only if your Switch has been synchronized to the app and you have given the app access to your data.

These data can be monitored and tracked through the Nintendo Switch Online App:

Device Information: All details about your device, including the serial number, IP address, OS information, settings, performance, and other information, are stored in the cloud by Nintendo Switch Online.

Your Content: All images, videos, and other Content you upload to Nintendo from different devices are stored on your Nintendo account. You can access this app at any time.

All Purchases: Purchases made on Nintendo Switch include apps and games. You can also access these purchases from the app at any time.

Your Playtime: Nintendo Switch Online also tracks and monitors your playtime on all devices.

Your Location: Nintendo stores will track your location if you permit it. This information is vital to track your lost console.

It is better to be safe than sorry when you own a Nintendo Switch. It is essential to act now to ensure that your Switch is recovered and recovered. Keep a record of your serial number, save the packaging and install the Nintendo App so you can enjoy your Nintendo Switch on the move without worrying about losing it.

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