Review For Gamers By “Minh Le”

Shacknews sat down with Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le to talk about gaming difficulties, industry competition, and how “players are not sh*t about your grandma.

Minh Le, known online by her online nickname Gooseman, may be a Viennese Canadian programmer who created the Half-Life modi Counter-Strike together with Jess Gables in 1999. Shacknews had the opportunity to talk to a longtime developer and picking his brain all sorts of fascinating concepts related to modern games as things change in the field.

Minh Le spoke at length about the fact that the concept of creating games “too easy” recently , these are some of the things we usually do not recognize tons, but recently it seems that some games have a deviation from the idea is to help players and holding their hands.

“I see a lot of games that differ from it,” Le said. “Battlefield has no regenerative health or PUBG. So I think the games will be more realistic and less relaxed.”Then he noted that Fortnite is definitely a ‘casual’ FPS, as Asif Khan noted that sport is not even a first-person shooter game.

“I think Fortnite is one of the leading casual FPS games in my head. The third person is much more attractive.”

In terms of taking risks, Le noted that recently, Competition and displacement has made it difficult to innovate in the industry-especially when it comes to developers creating games that are still out of the norm.

“Today it is harder to take risks because the sports industry is so full. it’s so competitive,” he said. “You can’t really try to make a risky game, or one that is so different from the norm, because it is more difficult for you to attach the game to a replacement player. I feel that tons of players have attracted games that they say, ” this game is like this game, but completely similar .'”

When asked if the players had been lured to the games because of the work they put together, Le did not think it was a big deal .

“When your grandmother bakes you cookies, you taste love in cookies, right?”Reviews Editor Blake Morse asked.

“Yes, you try them yourself, if it’s your grandmother, but the other players? This is not my grandmother. These players don’t care about your grandma.”Truer words, My Lord! To Be Honest.

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