ASUS Republic Of Gamers & IKEA Getting Together To Produce Gaming Furniture

We have seen some interesting cooperation projects in the field of play equipment and furniture in recent months, but the stimulating new team will shed a new light on the decoration of your play space. ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) and furniture outlet IKEA are still together and may soon unveil their line-up of gaming fixtures and Kit .

ASUS unveiled its new team with Ikea about Asus ROG Twitter in September 14, the moment, little is understood about what is on the way, but Asus ROG promised that the details will come soon. Given the economic nature of IKEA products, it seems highly likely that we will be able to see an appropriate selection of gaming furniture solutions when announcing configuration and details. It is not ASUS is the first entry in gaming furniture space to produce both normal and RGB and motorized versions of the ROG Chariot gaming chair (which seems to be around the RGB version), but IKEA and SAMSUNG have apparently teed up over 30 new products approaching line-up.

ASUS and IKEA seem to be quite an interesting collaboration. It comes when the guy gaming tech and edge company Logitech recently collaborated with Herman Miller’s insanely expensive line on their gaming equipment. If you don’t want to spend your installation on the chair, Asus ROG and IKEA line are probably a reasonable option. It’s also an unbroken trend for us lately to explore cheaper options in the Gaming edge area, resulting in SteelSeries and Razer producing some fairly inexpensive models of mice, keyboards and more.

While we wait for new details about what IKEA and ASUS ROG are for the future of the Gaming furniture space, stay tuned for more information, or check out Asus at the start of volley custom RTX 3080 GPU cards that were due to arrive this week .

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