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King, the Activision – based mobile gaming giant, has released its first game, which is aimed directly at traditional gamers. Legend Of Solgard is set in the fantasy realm of Nordic folklore and follows Embla’s journey through the game’s nine giant worlds as she struggles to stop Ragnarok. The sport is now available for free on Apple and Android devices and offers a mix of gameplay, ranging from role-playing games to turn-based strategies, dungeon crawling and boss fights.

One thing that needs to be eliminated immediately is that this game is nothing like Candy Crush or any of King’s other casual games – although it is colorful and beautifully animated. Nothing against these games, as they obviously have a huge global audience, but this game is officially defined as “midcore”.”this means that these are tons of traditional game elements (PC and console) that the most hardcore fans love, but it has also been reduced to invite players of all levels (including casual players) to have fun. Case in point, the developer of Legend Of Solgard, Snowprint Studios, includes experienced game makers behind the favorite Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Angry Birds games.

One thing I’ve loved about this game from the beginning is the ability to play it really offline (via campaign mode). I spend a lot of time flying around the world, so it’s important to play a game at 35,000 feet . and that’s why the majority of mobile games require you to be online to play (usually to make you annoying ads down your throat. Graviously’s Best Fiends is another mobile game (aimed at casual fans) that I can also play on airplanes.

The Legend Of Solgard campaign mode is at the heart of the action and features nine giant worlds to explore, each with different themes and villains, from Nordic mythology to combat. The goal is to defeat the moon god Mani and stop Ragnarok (the end of the planet and also the subtitle of the latest Marvel movie Thor). you take control of Embla’s army on the bottom half of the screen, and that’s why the goal is to destroy Manis ice minions and the Ice shield on the highest screen. The gameplay is extremely easy to choose from, as you match different creatures vertically (three to five) to form larger fighters, or adjust them horizontally to form walls to defend against the invading creatures.

Everything is turn-based, but the action moves very quickly because you can form three moves at the same time. Then there’s the strategy level where you see the opposite side of the battlefield and the approaching enemies, so you line up your fighters accordingly. When your warriors are killed in battle, they are resurrected to strengthen your army.

Your fighters also gain RPG-style levels as you progress, making them stronger and stronger. and the more you go, the more fighters you will increase your army and unlock additional combat options. You start the sport with four creatures and can unlock 30. Each creature has special abilities in battle, and humans will play a role in eliminating enemy forces in the most effective way (they will receive a limited number of rounds per battle card).

Outside the campaign mode, there are Treasure Caves to explore, where the main objective is to collect stones from the sun; bonuses that you can tell by fighting and defeating villains to collect gold; multiplayer dungeons to explore with online colleagues (these release a little more into the sport after getting acquainted with all the mechanics), competitive Online Hero Arena challenges to compete against other players for diamonds and Boss arenas that appear multiple times in each kingdom and advance with tougher Nordic figures.

There are also diamonds, gold, sun stones and various loot in the game that can be used to buy new items and Warriors. Snowprint has designed the entire game so that it can be played for free, but after a few hours of uninterrupted play, you will have to take a break when your free game currency fills up again. either way, the sport has been designed for more eye-catching gameplay, so you only go out on a longer flight-unless you’re involved in the sport tons further away or you spend real money collecting prey in the game.

This legend is definitely worth exploring, especially since it is easy to play, which today looks like a “must” in the crowded mobile market.

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