“No Destiny”: PC Gamers Should Play This

There’s a game on everyone’s mind lately, and it’s doubtful he even has to say what it is . Destiny has finally begun, to the voracious masses screaming after the summer blockbuster, and everyone is true with the console game planet. But what about players without Xbox or PlayStation? What about hardcore game fans foaming at the mouth for his next solution on Steam? the solution is simple: there is a whole world beyond fate, full of new adventures . There are many games, new and old, vying for your attention. And you do not even need to visit the moon to look for them. You’re probably already languishing in your Steam library or hiding in an avalanche of debris around your PC. Here are some alternatives to fate if you discover yourself playing jonesing for something else.

Borderlands 2

What is often said about Borderlands 2, but booty, booty, booty? While that has done little to advance the franchise, it has shown what the games have done best so far: provide them with plenty of doodads to choose from and equip-or sell them for a few sweet and sugary species. Handsome Jack was a delightfully sneaky villain, the extra characters were fun (especially latecomer Mechromancer Gage), and we all choked a few tears when some of our favorite teams faced unfortunate circumstances. It’s a big cooperative challenge, and if you’re looking for something to satisfy that MMO-lite craving, Borderlands 2 will scrape that itch well until Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on April 10.

Titanium case

Ah, yes, the opposite mammoth title earlier in the year. we won’t let the Xbox One steal your projectors, will we? The offspring of developer Respawn Entertainment or the company born from the ashes of Infinity Ward is simply Call Of Duty with mechs. In fact, the 2 franchises treat quite the same, with silky movement and delicious precision. It’s as tight as you’d expect,and the fight, even if inside the giant Titans glove type fits. But we knew that could be the case. If Titanfall’s triple A status is what you’re really trying with Destiny, why not use a Titan instead?

Ascension of the Triad

No outdated narratives, checkpoints or hulking space marines-only body parts fly willy-nilly and good old-fashioned fun shoot-’em-up. Although Rise of the Triad is considered by some to be a dusty ancient relic, Rise of the Triad is a great example of the right thing, thanks to the combination of memorable mechanics and a gorefest that would saturate even the vast majority of grisly players. it’s often the epitome of Balls-out, guns-blazing killing spree, which really caters to players who love bloodbath and free-for-all. Rocket launchers, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns and even a lightning stick to count are at your disposal. Whether you love the first PC classic or want to see the sassy remake of Interceptor, Rise of the Triad should stifle any hunger to kill sprees .


It may require a touch of digging inside the vault to acquire, but until Star Citizen debuted in 2015, the first name was Freelancer in space combat 2003. Control your own ship while engaging in dog fights with other ships, or simply become a bounty hunter and break all the principles . Whether you want to launch a solo quest as Edison Trent or play multiplayer to play with players from around the world, Freelancer can be a satisfying and expansive Reef in space battle. And since Destiny won’t be ready to offer an equivalent experience, you might even get a much better freelancer affect.

Shock System 2

System Shock 2 has been revolutionary from start to finish and it’s a classic that you should finish before moving on to other titles. It’s probably a call to your GOG account or maybe in your Steam library. What are you waiting for? The revelation of Shodan, a malicious supercomputer, expects you to find out, because primary time is usually the easiest time. and that’s all that needs to be said . The game is full of treasures that you must definitely discover for the first time, and if you choose System Shock 2 on fate, this is how you have to play it, it’s just a sacrifice that you have to sculpt .

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