Warren Spector- Calls Gamers To Protect Gaming Industry

Today may be a day for struggle, it seems. Famous computer game designer Warren Spector has issued a call for arms to gamers who want to protect the industry from the upcoming battle in the US Supreme Court.

In a message sent to us by the computer game Voters Network-an advocacy organization that fights for its First Amendment protection-Spector asked players to commit on 19 is simple. in addition to joining the network, Spector invites those who are willing to post a message on Twitter and Facebook indicating the cause of the date. You will often find details about how you will get involved on the vgvn website “no censorship”.

Hopefully, at some point, the news tsunami will show the rest of the planet that this industry should not be underestimated. this is when you choose to participate.

You can read Spector’s letter after the break.

Dear Friends,
Computers and video games are art, a kind of artistic expression that deserves the main change and is currently protected.

But that hasn’t stopped us from restricting the rights of artists, storytellers and technical innovators in our media. On All Souls ‘ Day, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of a California law that could restrict the sale of video games. this is often a case of great importance to you and me-to everyone or everyone who plays or creates games and believes in primary change.

Let’s not beat bush’s turn-if the court goes against us, this law could result in long-term censorship of games that could irrevocably harm developers and validate the absurd idea that video games are somehow a small type of creative expression.

We must act now. On October 19, I ask you to stop me from pushing all your friends and colleagues, real or virtual, to run for video games by joining the computer games Voter Network, an advocacy group that is fighting for its first protection against change.

Many people, including some of my personal heroes, like Stan Lee, have already encouraged us to need a booth. now is the time for players to get back together and spread the word on our social networks. now is the time to ask every player we reach to come forward and protect our First Amendment rights.

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