Candy Crush Publisher Is Targeting Midcore Gamers

King wants you to play your new mobile game Legend Of Solgard. The Activision-owned studio, best known for its franchise of Casual games Candy Crush, offers a completely different offering that is now available for Apple and Android devices. Legend Of Solgard marks the mobile publishing giant’s first midcore gaming raid. The game has been in development for 3 years in the Swedish Fresh Store, Snowprint Studios, which consists of Veterans of DICE, Rovio and King. The Gameplay mixes a range of simple, cooperative and Multiplayer offerings that mix elements from Turn-Based Strategy, rpg and Match 3 elements. There are also Dungeons to explore and managers to fight.

Arnaud Loiseau, King’s vice President of publishing and development, explains in this exclusive interview why his company targets midcore players.

What does Snowprint bring to the mobile development table given its veteran game makers of King, Rovio and DICE?

Snowprint Studios consists of an incredibly talented team of mobile game developers from industry-leading companies including Unity, DICE, Rovio, Zynga and King. They used this whole experience to create a new unique universe with innovative gameplay. We are very pleased about the introduction of Legend Of Solgard.

What makes snowprints Legend Of Solgard an honest initiative in midcore Mobile game Space?

Legend Of Solgard can be a nice twist on the Puzzle RPG genre. It combines the depth of the hero collection with an entertaining and accessible basic gameplay that pleases everyone.

What role do traditional console and PC players play in your marketing efforts for Legend Of Solgard?

We are currently only launching the sport on mobile devices, but will carefully consider other platform options.

How much crossover do we see for this new game from your more Casual Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga games?

While Casual Games such as Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga are at the heart of our business strategy, Legend Of Solgard can be a new game genre for us and we will continuously optimize the experience for all players, including our existing player base.

Why do you feel the right time to explore the midcore space?

We have seen that the midcore space has gained enormous traction over the past two years, and we want to expand our game portfolio in this popular mobile game genre with the introduction of Legend Of Solgard. sport brings new and compelling content for both our existing global player base and newcomers.

Will the midcore game become a much more important part of the King’s library, assuming this game launches?

We are very relevant to our global player base in the field of creating and scaling major mobile Franchises genres. We believe that midcore is one of the most important opportunities in the market.

What distinguishes Legend Of Solgard from other midcore titles?

Years of hard work and dedication have created Legend Of Solgard. Its captivating narrative, varied game modes and incredible animation distinguish this game from other midcore titles. the sport combines the joys of puzzle combat with the reunion of original characters from a world rich in Nordic mythology .

With three years of development behind it, what separates the time and investment needed for this type of midcore gameplay from previous King casual titles?

Every new game-casual or midcore-has its own development path. We have learned many lessons from The Legend Of Solgard event and our partnership with Snowprint Studios and will always support us in the transition to Live Gaming Management.

What are the challenges of constantly calling out to the Mobile Free-to-play crowd of today?

We believe that players respond to quality, innovation and accessibility. With Legend Of Solgard, the Team has developed a great new IP with the depth that we believe will stand the Test of their time . It also features basic gameplay that is easy to discover but hard to master.

We have seen tons of TV marketing in the US for Candy Crush Saga ” and ” Candy Crush Soda Saga. What role does television play in the marketing of Legend Of Solgard?

Television is not currently scheduled to launch, but it is often one of our key channels that we constantly explore as part of our marketing strategy.

What role has your PC online incubator program played in finding success for mobile development over the past 15 years?

Our Royal Games Website was an incredibly useful gadget that allowed us to identify some of our most successful mobile game franchises, including Candy Crush.

What is the potential of the console for Legend Of Solgard in all areas? Tons of people during the press event thought that this could be an honest Twitch game, for example .

At the moment we are very excited and focus on bringing the most successful mobile game in a new genre to market for us. we will consider further options in due course.

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